One of the biggest decisions that homeowners often face is where to invest their money with home improvements. As the economy improves, typically, so do home-improvement projects.

The bottom line is that homeowners can expect to earn the highest returns on projects that cost relatively less.


The top five projects with the best return on investment (ROI) in the "Mid range" cost category are:


1. Attic insulation 116.9% ROI

2. Manufactured stone veneer 92.9% ROI.

3. Garage door replacement 91.5% ROI

4. Exterior door replacement 91.1% ROI

5. Minor kitchen remodel 83.1% ROI


The worst five in the same category are:

1. Bathroom addition 56.2% ROI

2. Back up power generator 59.4% ROI

3. Master suite addition 64.1% ROI

4. Deck addition 64.4% ROI

5. Major kitchen remodel 64.9% ROI


Many of these go against common beliefs or conceptions. Happy improving!